Heavenly Father,

I feel that I catch glimpses of You from time to time. I never stare You straight in the face, but I’ll see some part of You, and in those times I know that it is You.

No, I will never be able to comprehend You. Never. I shouldn’t expect to be able to. I am merely human and You are God.

If I were to pinpoint You, to see You or feel You or hear You… if I were able to point to something and say, ‘that is God’, You would not be the great I Am that You are. Your name would not encompass everything that is as You would just be one thing.

Dear God, for this reason I am glad I have no evidence of You. If I could prove You, perhaps I could understand You. And if I could understand You, either I wouldn’t be human or You wouldn’t be God.

But I am. And You are.

I will be ever grateful and amazed for this holy distinction.