An Indian Adventure

Two days ago I returned from a trip to India. I spent three and a half weeks there on a missions trip helping out at schools, aiding a health clinic, spending time with locals and assisting with church ministries. I cannot even begin to describe how amazing it all was, and how God worked in my life through these beautiful people.

(At back) Joel, Ashang, and myself

(At back) Joel, Ashang, and myself

The children were so adorable, and though wary of us odd white people at first, eventually they would run up to us when they saw us approaching, cling to our legs, demand hugs and fight over who got to hold our hands.

Lila and her family on the beach

Lila and her family on the beach

This woman Lila is one of the many amazing people that came across our path. She worked at a shop on the beach in Goa, and would walk up to talk to tourists, insisting that they look at her shop and buy things. When she talked to our group, it immediately turned from a chance to sell, to a chance to talk about what God has done in her life. Amazingly my name ‘Stephanie’ prompted her to ask us ‘do you know Jesus words?’, as a girl called Stephanie converted her a couple of years back. We were blown away by this – as spreading the love of God is why we were in India! She became a great friend over the few weeks we were there (and provided some lovely discounts from her store too!).


Known for its beautiful vibrant colours, India had some beautiful materials on offer! In fact most of the souvenirs I purchased consisted of material. It is so cheap in India, and good quality that you would never find in Australia. Check out my stash:


I must say that my favourite is the teal/green set I picked up from an Indian clothing store. The point was to get it sewn in store and measured to fit, but I had no time for this so will attempt to stitch my own at home!



Provided I am inspired enough to actually complete my imagined projects, final products will be posted up here eventually 🙂 What an amazing way to remember this adventure.

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