Okay :)


It’s been so, so, so, so long since I’ve written for myself! >.<

It's bad. I can feel myself getting so frustrated and restless and angsty. It took a while to realise that I haven't written in such a long time! I mean I have – essays, assignments, speeches, statuses (statii), posts, comments, messages, emails, letters, texts…. but nothing for ME! Nothing that I WANT to be writing.

The glorious feeling of release that comes with seeing your thoughts sprawl into words on a screen, or physically on paper, is unlike any other! – Stephanie Iversen, 2013

[You may quote me on that. hah!]

For some people (myself included), I think forgetting to write on a regular basis is as ridiculous as forgetting to breathe or forgetting to eat …. when I was young I used to flip out and forget how to swallow, which is a story for another time perhaps… It NEEDS to happen. It is a part of you, and you need to do it to be able to continue functioning correctly.

I encourage others who have forgotten to make time to write lately to get back into it. It feels like diving into a cool spring on a boiling hot day.