An update on the job situation.

Hallelujah! A breakthrough!!! I have gotten in touch with a volunteer youth-run TV show at Channel 31, and will hopefully be helping out once a week in the production of the show 1700.


…. Still yet to hear back from them to see if I’ve been put onto the roster though actually :/ hmmm…


And in OTHER news: I got a job interview!!

(Fineprint: it is an unpaid position.)


Still, we are making progress in the unemployment area of life. Even if I can do some volunteer/work experience type things, it is still something. Oh gosh! But I have to do an interview. I cannot even explain how much terror this brings me. Me. Speaking. Saying things. Trying to talk myself up. Disaster.


I am socially awkward.

This is the story of my favourite dress :)

First photo taken with my colour Polaroid film…

This is the dress I am most proud of sewing so far. It took me like 6 months to complete last year because motivation came and went as I reached tricky parts and so forth.

I am a little bit in love with it! The material is so gorgeous.

From Spotlight!

A few weeks ago a girl at a coffee shop recognised it as Spotlight material and praised my sewmanship (it’s a word, don’t argue) 🙂

I love how it sits.

But yes, I love how it sits. It is so easy to wear, and is nice and modest without being boring. I really love the feel of it as well! It isn’t like any clothes you will buy, all cheap and mass-produced. It feels thick and substantial. Lovingly made 🙂 There is a nice lining to it too so I don’t get annoyed by seams and bits of thread jumping out.

So yes, I call this my Strawberry Dress. It makes me just generally happy to be alive! And by Jove!! For a serious amateur seamstress I am just so pleased that it worked and turned out well. Nothing feels better than wearing clothes you have made yourself.

When I was taking these photos these little mushrooms made me happy 🙂

So really I have so many photos to show, but nothing else to say, so an awkward stream of meaningless images will follow, leaving you asking yourself why you are still on this page, scrolling through random pictures of a random girl who honestly has nothing to contribute to the world. Have fun! 😀

Fits well!

This page must have taken ages to load. My apologies.

In the beginning, there was a dress.

I am so EMBARRASSED!!! This is the worst. It was going to be all cool, it was all in my head, but everything is RUINED!!!

So anyway, piping down a little… I wanted to tell the story of how and why I started sewing 🙂

One day, there I was in Just Jeans, wanting to buy a cute white summery dress. The tag said $70, but miraculously, it was only $20! Hooray!! Problem was, when I got home with said garment, I bashfully noticed that it was rather see-through…. oh dear. So I thought to myself, ‘Stephanie, how will we solve this puzzle?’ And I smugly replied, ‘Woman, sew yourself a petticoat.’

The rest is history! But not really, as no one cares about it and it would be foolish to note it down and study it alongside Arthur Philip and Botany Bay. Hmmmm.

Here is an absolutely AWFUL picture of me showing the petticoat. It is so simple!! Just white cotton. That is all.

Here I am, sexily revealing the saucy saucy petticoat.

Ahh flip! It’s on the side. I don’t know how to change it. Okay, so I had a better picture okay??! But somehow it is gone. And this was taken on my phone by my younger brother who was incredibly reluctant to get out of bed to take it. And I KNOW! The curtain backdrop with artificial lighting makes it look like one of those ebay garments that you see and scoff at because the seller didn’t even try to present it nicely!!! STOP JUDGING ME!!!!

Point is, this is all it took 🙂 I started sewing out of absolute necessity. My dress was see-through, and I solved that problem adventurously. And, friends, I have never looked back.