In the beginning, there was a dress.

I am so EMBARRASSED!!! This is the worst. It was going to be all cool, it was all in my head, but everything is RUINED!!!

So anyway, piping down a little… I wanted to tell the story of how and why I started sewing 🙂

One day, there I was in Just Jeans, wanting to buy a cute white summery dress. The tag said $70, but miraculously, it was only $20! Hooray!! Problem was, when I got home with said garment, I bashfully noticed that it was rather see-through…. oh dear. So I thought to myself, ‘Stephanie, how will we solve this puzzle?’ And I smugly replied, ‘Woman, sew yourself a petticoat.’

The rest is history! But not really, as no one cares about it and it would be foolish to note it down and study it alongside Arthur Philip and Botany Bay. Hmmmm.

Here is an absolutely AWFUL picture of me showing the petticoat. It is so simple!! Just white cotton. That is all.

Here I am, sexily revealing the saucy saucy petticoat.

Ahh flip! It’s on the side. I don’t know how to change it. Okay, so I had a better picture okay??! But somehow it is gone. And this was taken on my phone by my younger brother who was incredibly reluctant to get out of bed to take it. And I KNOW! The curtain backdrop with artificial lighting makes it look like one of those ebay garments that you see and scoff at because the seller didn’t even try to present it nicely!!! STOP JUDGING ME!!!!

Point is, this is all it took 🙂 I started sewing out of absolute necessity. My dress was see-through, and I solved that problem adventurously. And, friends, I have never looked back.

A small insignificant update.

I hate blogs. And here’s why:


I don’t get how to use this, despite completing an entire course last year with the main assessment focussed on a wordpress blog (receiving an HD I’ll have you know!!!); and ALSO, I feel the need to have images and pretty stuff popping up because I know that simple words on a screen won’t cut it these days!! But, my WORD, my camera is just… awful! The photos it takes won’t do justice to my lovely creations 🙂


But okay, new challenge: for a week (starting today), I will do a blog post every day. Damnit, now I’m locked in. Great idea Steph. But seriously, I need to be motivated to share my sewing delights with the universe. I love sewing and I love beautiful things.


I was just discussing with my boyfriend before this weird thing I have…. Occasionally I will be casually going about my business when POP! An image of an outfit springs into my mind. And I see it in such detail! I see the material used in the floaty white blouse, the thickness of the grey woollen skirt, the cute heel height of the slight black mary jane shoes, and even the makeup! (Red, red lipstick and a slick of liquid eyeliner). Ummm….. is this natural?? Does this happen to anyone else? Sometimes I wish I always had a sketch book handy so I could jot down my ideas and draw a quick picture of what I see. Maybe this is what I will do too! Deal. Two challenges, and one stressful week of finishing uni assignments, taking awful pictures on my crappy camera, and complaing about life.



xoxo gossip girl


…. just kidding. Never again.