Inspired by a cape I found online from Nadinoo (see Life is sew hard.), I made this lovely blue hooded cloak that I am labelling my “Playcloak”… Mainly, this is because I will never work up the nerve to wear it out in public I think. I mean, it’s a bit ridiculous, let’s be honest here. BUT it is warm and comfortable and I feel like a fairytale character wearing it 🙂 (I actually did try to do a red one, but the red fabric they had wasn’t very nice).

I think once I am a bit more experienced I will attempt the cloak again. Even though there was only like 5 pieces to sew together, it is hard work! I would like to add bows and cute things as well.

It is warm in here.

Overall, pretty pleased with the result. The material is quite a nice blue and it feels so warm and soft inside!! Perfect for these chilly days we are having at the moment.

P.S. Thankyou to Josh for keeping your promise and taking these photos for me 😀 Whataguy!

Nice and easy to wear 🙂