Corner Shop Kids: An Article

Remember hanging out at the milk bar in the late afternoon sun, nibbling on milk bottles and gummi bears, scooter in hand – not a care in the world?

It is this carefree childhood memory that gave three local teenagers inspiration for the name of their band: Corner Shop Kids.

Ryan Fellows, Josh Walton and Tom Simpson describe their music as “pretty chilled… something positive to listen to when you are in a bad mood”.

Their mellow, catchy tunes do indeed remind you of a place in which worry is not a problem, like a place where kids hang out happily at the corner store.

What is especially striking about the boys, though, is that this attitude not only infiltrates their music, but also their lives.

Sitting in a Mount Martha café with them is not a quiet affair – every second person stops to say hello to the well-known local lads.

For these guys though, it isn’t about the popularity or even making money.

Working alongside City Life Foundation, Corner Shop Kids have donated all profits of their first EP to helping homelessness in the Frankston area.

“The ultimate idea is that we’re not trying to be the best band,” Simpson said.

“There’s been plenty of awesome bands out there, but we’re just trying to be a band that wants to help, to be leaders in the community and to shape people’s perceptions of what a person should be like.”

Despite performing at some extraordinary events, such as last weekend’s Harvest ‘n’ Graze Festival, it hasn’t all been smooth sailing for the boys.

They recount playing at the “grand opening” of Coles in Patterson Lakes as one of their less glamorous gigs, but an opportunity nonetheless.

“It was ridiculous,” Walton said, “and the power went out half way through – everyone was just shopping in the dark, it was hilarious!”

All three boys are currently finishing high school and plan on taking the band as far as they can in future.

They are driven by the desire to see that worry-free state of hanging out at the corner store spread throughout the community, even among the homeless and less fortunate.

Check them out: