Be inspired.

Okay, first of all, last few posts have been rubbish. Let’s just accept it, shed a tear or two of disappointment, and move on.


Thankyou to garbethegoddess, I have been inspired to share my inspiration on here! I keep a notebook of inspirational pictures and things I see in magazines that I become obsessed with and can’t get out of my head. So here are a few snippets.

Gorgeous clothes from Nadinoo

These pictures were from a spread on Nadinoo in Frankie Magazine. Good times had by all! I love the colours and the cuteness 🙂

This is a mixture of pictures from the same Nadinoo spread and some pictures from Peppermint magazine. Let’s be honest here, I just have to mention these magazines so I come across as an indie/hipster girl. But seriously I love magazines! Especially what they’re all about these days with thick matte finish paper stock. Mmmmm it smells so good! And it is nice to have something solid to hold in your hands and flick through. Beats the Internet any day of the WEEK!!

I could make these dresses!

Frankie had a section on old-fashioned op shop dresses, and yeah, I liked some of the finds 🙂

That is a dress, right there.

Bahaha!!! Me. What a crazy kid.