Ohhhhh snap!

So here’s something: I like Polaroid cameras.
And even more, I love Polaroid pictures.

Somehow I have found myself doing extensive research on Polaroid at uni. It’s so interesting!! The whole story about the demise of the company, yet the resurgence of this type of image makes me giggle and wink at whoever is nearby. Hmm. Not really. Not sure why…

ANYWAY! I just thought I would share that 🙂

Despite the INCREDIBLE EXPENSE involved in buying Polaroid film (it works out to be like $4 a picture) and the fact that it is in no way reliable (giant defects being common, and photos slowly degrading until they are useless)… I love the feel of the chunky camera in my hands. I love the sound it makes as the flash goes off and a perfect white-framed image slides out. I love holding the developed picture in my hands. The image is also an item, which makes it so much more special.

Cheers to this obsolete art!

This is the story of my favourite dress :)

First photo taken with my colour Polaroid film…

This is the dress I am most proud of sewing so far. It took me like 6 months to complete last year because motivation came and went as I reached tricky parts and so forth.

I am a little bit in love with it! The material is so gorgeous.

From Spotlight!

A few weeks ago a girl at a coffee shop recognised it as Spotlight material and praised my sewmanship (it’s a word, don’t argue) 🙂

I love how it sits.

But yes, I love how it sits. It is so easy to wear, and is nice and modest without being boring. I really love the feel of it as well! It isn’t like any clothes you will buy, all cheap and mass-produced. It feels thick and substantial. Lovingly made 🙂 There is a nice lining to it too so I don’t get annoyed by seams and bits of thread jumping out.

So yes, I call this my Strawberry Dress. It makes me just generally happy to be alive! And by Jove!! For a serious amateur seamstress I am just so pleased that it worked and turned out well. Nothing feels better than wearing clothes you have made yourself.

When I was taking these photos these little mushrooms made me happy 🙂

So really I have so many photos to show, but nothing else to say, so an awkward stream of meaningless images will follow, leaving you asking yourself why you are still on this page, scrolling through random pictures of a random girl who honestly has nothing to contribute to the world. Have fun! 😀

Fits well!

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