An Indian Adventure

Two days ago I returned from a trip to India. I spent three and a half weeks there on a missions trip helping out at schools, aiding a health clinic, spending time with locals and assisting with church ministries. I cannot even begin to describe how amazing it all was, and how God worked in my life through these beautiful people.

(At back) Joel, Ashang, and myself

(At back) Joel, Ashang, and myself

The children were so adorable, and though wary of us odd white people at first, eventually they would run up to us when they saw us approaching, cling to our legs, demand hugs and fight over who got to hold our hands.

Lila and her family on the beach

Lila and her family on the beach

This woman Lila is one of the many amazing people that came across our path. She worked at a shop on the beach in Goa, and would walk up to talk to tourists, insisting that they look at her shop and buy things. When she talked to our group, it immediately turned from a chance to sell, to a chance to talk about what God has done in her life. Amazingly my name ‘Stephanie’ prompted her to ask us ‘do you know Jesus words?’, as a girl called Stephanie converted her a couple of years back. We were blown away by this – as spreading the love of God is why we were in India! She became a great friend over the few weeks we were there (and provided some lovely discounts from her store too!).


Known for its beautiful vibrant colours, India had some beautiful materials on offer! In fact most of the souvenirs I purchased consisted of material. It is so cheap in India, and good quality that you would never find in Australia. Check out my stash:


I must say that my favourite is the teal/green set I picked up from an Indian clothing store. The point was to get it sewn in store and measured to fit, but I had no time for this so will attempt to stitch my own at home!



Provided I am inspired enough to actually complete my imagined projects, final products will be posted up here eventually 🙂 What an amazing way to remember this adventure.

Merry Christmas – here’s a dress

Earlier this year I completed this dress, which I actually whipped up in only a few weeks (not bad, for a serial procrastinator).
Blue Dress

I have only worn it a few times, but yesterday for Christmas I decided it was time to whip it out again. Compliments are nice, especially when you can follow them up with “thanks, I made it myself!” 🙂



The trick is to not look too closely at the dress – there are a lot of awful mistakes. Struggled with the zip and the sizing. But ultimately, I think it turned out okay.



I love the full skirt. It is incredibly fun to dance in, when I’m up for a sneaky dance.

And there’s Josh…. being a weirdo. Cheers for taking the photos, cameraman 🙂

Merry Christmas all!

The wonders of a $1 op shop dress.

There was this one time, I bought a dress from an op shop, for $1.

Aaaaaaaand ta-da!!! I fixed it up a little and it actually looks okay 🙂

It’s just a Target dress, but I think it must be quite old because it is made with reasonable fabric (none of this awful stuff they use today!!). Said size 12 on the tag, and I had to take it in at the sides because I’m an 8. I also added the white bow around the middle as a belt, just as a nice touch.


Good times have been had in this dress. Worth every cent of the dollar it was worth.



Cheers to my friend Kara for taking these photos.


Inspired by a cape I found online from Nadinoo (see Life is sew hard.), I made this lovely blue hooded cloak that I am labelling my “Playcloak”… Mainly, this is because I will never work up the nerve to wear it out in public I think. I mean, it’s a bit ridiculous, let’s be honest here. BUT it is warm and comfortable and I feel like a fairytale character wearing it 🙂 (I actually did try to do a red one, but the red fabric they had wasn’t very nice).

I think once I am a bit more experienced I will attempt the cloak again. Even though there was only like 5 pieces to sew together, it is hard work! I would like to add bows and cute things as well.

It is warm in here.

Overall, pretty pleased with the result. The material is quite a nice blue and it feels so warm and soft inside!! Perfect for these chilly days we are having at the moment.

P.S. Thankyou to Josh for keeping your promise and taking these photos for me 😀 Whataguy!

Nice and easy to wear 🙂

A bit more of this and that.

Good evening!


Yes, life is far too busy and erratic and annoying (says she without a job or uni or anything tying her down right now….)

Ahahah! Enough of that.

I like the idea of inspiration. Being inspired by something is not of this world. It is not a human concept. We are not born to be influenced by other people, or even what we see. It is a learned habit. I’ve found 🙂

Here are a few more pages from my exciting inspiration journal. As you can see, it is all just images from magazines (the likes of Frankie, Boho, Peppermint…), and I am yet to venture into the realm of creating my own inspring works. We’ll get there eventually.

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Be inspired.

Okay, first of all, last few posts have been rubbish. Let’s just accept it, shed a tear or two of disappointment, and move on.


Thankyou to garbethegoddess, I have been inspired to share my inspiration on here! I keep a notebook of inspirational pictures and things I see in magazines that I become obsessed with and can’t get out of my head. So here are a few snippets.

Gorgeous clothes from Nadinoo

These pictures were from a spread on Nadinoo in Frankie Magazine. Good times had by all! I love the colours and the cuteness 🙂

This is a mixture of pictures from the same Nadinoo spread and some pictures from Peppermint magazine. Let’s be honest here, I just have to mention these magazines so I come across as an indie/hipster girl. But seriously I love magazines! Especially what they’re all about these days with thick matte finish paper stock. Mmmmm it smells so good! And it is nice to have something solid to hold in your hands and flick through. Beats the Internet any day of the WEEK!!

I could make these dresses!

Frankie had a section on old-fashioned op shop dresses, and yeah, I liked some of the finds 🙂

That is a dress, right there.

Bahaha!!! Me. What a crazy kid.

This is the story of my favourite dress :)

First photo taken with my colour Polaroid film…

This is the dress I am most proud of sewing so far. It took me like 6 months to complete last year because motivation came and went as I reached tricky parts and so forth.

I am a little bit in love with it! The material is so gorgeous.

From Spotlight!

A few weeks ago a girl at a coffee shop recognised it as Spotlight material and praised my sewmanship (it’s a word, don’t argue) 🙂

I love how it sits.

But yes, I love how it sits. It is so easy to wear, and is nice and modest without being boring. I really love the feel of it as well! It isn’t like any clothes you will buy, all cheap and mass-produced. It feels thick and substantial. Lovingly made 🙂 There is a nice lining to it too so I don’t get annoyed by seams and bits of thread jumping out.

So yes, I call this my Strawberry Dress. It makes me just generally happy to be alive! And by Jove!! For a serious amateur seamstress I am just so pleased that it worked and turned out well. Nothing feels better than wearing clothes you have made yourself.

When I was taking these photos these little mushrooms made me happy 🙂

So really I have so many photos to show, but nothing else to say, so an awkward stream of meaningless images will follow, leaving you asking yourself why you are still on this page, scrolling through random pictures of a random girl who honestly has nothing to contribute to the world. Have fun! 😀

Fits well!

This page must have taken ages to load. My apologies.

And then there were skirts.

Once I had completed the simple task of making a really slap-together petticoat, I realised this ‘sewing business’ couldn’t be too tricky! So two little skirts were born!

Little Skirt # 1.

This first one is a secret pride of mine 🙂 Just Spotlight material and very simple, but the fabric is so cute! I feel like a beautiful fairy girl when I wear it.

Luckily, Mum has a button jar filled with lots of glorious buttons, from which this one was chosen.

For a beginner, I am fairly proud of my buttonhole/zip work! Okay, don’t look too closely, but still it is tricky stuff and it didn’t turn out so bad! I remember thinking at the time that it felt so natural, that the sewing machine was just doing it all for me.

Second skirt, being styled by an attractive model.

Here is my second skirt, same as the first but with heavier material and without a layer underneath. Same idea. Man! They were so easy to make… or should I say ‘sew’ easy to make 😉 See what I did there??? Okay. Sorry.

And that is the story of the first two actual garments I made. I love them and still wear them a bit, feeling like a little girl when I do.

(ps. If anyone wants the shoes I’m wearing in these photos I will legit send them to you. Size 6. Too small for me and they are so cute!)

In the beginning, there was a dress.

I am so EMBARRASSED!!! This is the worst. It was going to be all cool, it was all in my head, but everything is RUINED!!!

So anyway, piping down a little… I wanted to tell the story of how and why I started sewing 🙂

One day, there I was in Just Jeans, wanting to buy a cute white summery dress. The tag said $70, but miraculously, it was only $20! Hooray!! Problem was, when I got home with said garment, I bashfully noticed that it was rather see-through…. oh dear. So I thought to myself, ‘Stephanie, how will we solve this puzzle?’ And I smugly replied, ‘Woman, sew yourself a petticoat.’

The rest is history! But not really, as no one cares about it and it would be foolish to note it down and study it alongside Arthur Philip and Botany Bay. Hmmmm.

Here is an absolutely AWFUL picture of me showing the petticoat. It is so simple!! Just white cotton. That is all.

Here I am, sexily revealing the saucy saucy petticoat.

Ahh flip! It’s on the side. I don’t know how to change it. Okay, so I had a better picture okay??! But somehow it is gone. And this was taken on my phone by my younger brother who was incredibly reluctant to get out of bed to take it. And I KNOW! The curtain backdrop with artificial lighting makes it look like one of those ebay garments that you see and scoff at because the seller didn’t even try to present it nicely!!! STOP JUDGING ME!!!!

Point is, this is all it took 🙂 I started sewing out of absolute necessity. My dress was see-through, and I solved that problem adventurously. And, friends, I have never looked back.