And then there were skirts.

Once I had completed the simple task of making a really slap-together petticoat, I realised this ‘sewing business’ couldn’t be too tricky! So two little skirts were born!

Little Skirt # 1.

This first one is a secret pride of mine 🙂 Just Spotlight material and very simple, but the fabric is so cute! I feel like a beautiful fairy girl when I wear it.

Luckily, Mum has a button jar filled with lots of glorious buttons, from which this one was chosen.

For a beginner, I am fairly proud of my buttonhole/zip work! Okay, don’t look too closely, but still it is tricky stuff and it didn’t turn out so bad! I remember thinking at the time that it felt so natural, that the sewing machine was just doing it all for me.

Second skirt, being styled by an attractive model.

Here is my second skirt, same as the first but with heavier material and without a layer underneath. Same idea. Man! They were so easy to make… or should I say ‘sew’ easy to make 😉 See what I did there??? Okay. Sorry.

And that is the story of the first two actual garments I made. I love them and still wear them a bit, feeling like a little girl when I do.

(ps. If anyone wants the shoes I’m wearing in these photos I will legit send them to you. Size 6. Too small for me and they are so cute!)