I’m a writer in my own mind.

My boyfriend and I have made a deal. We both have to begin writing a story, 1000 words done by Saturday week. Then we will swap and workshop them.

I like a challenge, and so this excites me. I even made it a literal event, emailing him to confirm his acceptance of it. Luckily (for him) he did accept.

The problem is, though, I can’t really write. Well, that is to say, none of my ideas ever work. My entire life I have been drawn to writing, composing storylines, poems and even short exchanges between characters in my head. I don’t think a day has ever passed when I haven’t had a concept pop into my head and I’ve thought, ‘yes, that would make a great story’. If I ever do end up publishing a book, though, it will be 1001 Unfinished Stories.

I literally have HUNDREDS of them scattered through my room in notepads, journals, on laptops, hidden away in folders… and possibly MILLIONS stored in my mind. I am a born writer. But only to myself. Only I know of how fantastic I truly am! 😛 haha!!

There is a story I still believe has potential that I started when I was 12. It is a comedy about spies… and honestly when I still read it I laugh 🙂 I don’t think I’ll ever find the motivation to finish it off though. When I was around 10-11, I actually wrote an entire story about horses into a notebook. In reality it is probably only about 7 or 8 pages long, but I felt I’d written a novel when I was that young.

I’ve written stories on animals, young love, middle-aged depression, the future, the past, fantasy, crime… even had a crack at romance (no way! It’s way too awkward to write about that stuff..).

I’m a writer.
And though I don’t have a finished book to show for it, I don’t care what you say.